Dr Azilawati Jamaludin Speaks at Institute of Adult Learning

Dr. Azilawati Jamaludin, Assistant Professor at NIE’s Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Academic Group and Assistant Dean (Science of Learning) at the Office of Education Research, was invited by the Institute of Adult Learning (IAL) to speak at the InnovLogue on “The Art and Science of Game-based Learning” on 21 September 2018. The speaker panel included some well-known figures in the gaming industry such as Mr Noah Falstein, who was previously Chief Game Designer at Google.  

Her presentation discussed using game play to make learning interesting and engaging. The questions raised were: How can educators capitalise on this trend, effectively and sustainably? And secondly, can a balance be achieved or are they necessarily divergent?

The invited panel discussed the current research, design and industry practices from the field of game-based learning, delving into both the Art and Science of Game-based Learning.

Source: https://www.nie.edu.sg/news-detail/dr-azilawati-jamaludin-speaks-at-institute-of-adult-learning

31 Oct 18 – Dr. Azilawati Jamaludin Speaks at Institute of Adult Learning