Dr Azilawati Jamaludin starting off the Science of Learning Workshop

The 2019 Curriculum, Assessment, Teaching and Learning Colloquium is a series of workshops and seminars for classroom teachers and key personnel offered by faculty members of the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL) Academic Group, NIE, where they share their rich and diverse teaching and research expertise in these areas.

Dr. Azilawati Jamaludin, Assistant Dean of Science of Learning (SoL) and Assistant Professor from the Office of Education Research, introduced the seminar attendees, who consisted of educators from Singapore and Finland, on the exploration of educational neuroscience and tenets of brain-based learning, and also addressing neuromyths. She also shared about discovering neuroscientific research about learning and also applying neuroscience research into student-centered learning designs.

Demonstration on detecting eye movements and emotion

Gill Hsu and Alice Loh from iMOTIONS also shared on exploring human behavior research with biosensor platforms and also how their device can capture eye motions and various types of facial expressions.

Participants trying out fNIRS while doing cognitive tasks

Dr Rohit from AEROBE also shared on the usage of Functional near-infrared spectroscopy for learning where a participant also get to try the equipment and observing how different cognitive task shows the changes in oxygenation level in the brain.

There were lively discussions about the prevalence of neuromyths, and applications of SoL in education. The audience members, who were primarily educators, shared both personal and professional experiences. The session ended with potential SoL pathways for 21st century learning and future collaboration opportunities.

Dr Azilawati receiving a token of appreciation from Dr Kari Kumpulainen, Director, Teacher Training School, University of Oulu

10 Sep 19 – Science of Learning Workshop at CATL Colloquium 2019