Putting on the fNIRS Cap

A significant component of the study is the use of the functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) system to capture the regions of the brain that are activated during various activities such as learning. 

Upon the acquisition of the fNIRS system, Aerobe provided a training session for the team on 11th of November 2019 on the proper procedures for setting up the equipment. This included the preparation of the caps, configuration of the opthodes, the setting up of the fNIRS system, and the usage of the data acquisition software. 

Dr Rohit from Aerobe doing a calibration of fNIRS for demonstration

The team had the opportunity to practice setting up the opthodes on the caps, and to observe the types of data captured, which prepared the team for the upcoming data collection sessions in the schools

11 Nov 19 – fNIRS Training Session by Aerobe